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Wien filter
Wien Filter aberrations
Electrostatic mirror
Mag. lens + deflectors
More ....

The first example shows the computation of GEMINI-type lens, i.e. a combined magnetic-electrostatic SEM lens. The geometry used for the computations is only very very approximate, but it shows well the function of our programs. Magnetic lens was computed with MLD package, electrostatic lens with ELD package, and electron trajectories with TRC.

The second example is the Wien filter according to K. Tsuno and J. Rouse, J. Electron Micr. 45 (1996) 417.

The third example is showing the geometrical and chromatic aberration figures.

The fourth example shows a computation of an electrostatic mirror with TRASYS.

The fifth example is then the computation of properties of magnetic lens with double deflection system, that also illustrates the accuracy of TRASYS.

More examples will follow.


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