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MLD package




The MLD package is a suite of programs for the computation of the potential distribution in axially symmetric magnetic lenses that can saturate (the potential used in the computation is the magnetic flux) and for the computation of the electron optical properties of these fields.


Key Benefits

  • Magnetic lens computation can be performed with very high accuracy in a mesh with up to 200000 mesh points (the 200000 equations are solved in about a minute on 1 GHz PC computer).
  • Invaluable information for the designer provides the graphical display of the results such as axial flux density distribution, the distribution of flux lines and, in particular, the distribution of magnetic flux density inside the magnetic circuit.
  • Up to 6 different magnetic materials, each specified by its magnetization curve, can be computed at once.
  • Electron optical properties of the magnetic lens used as a projective or an objective lens are computed. The program can determine in the given magnetic field the beam voltage needed for given image and object positions or image properties and aberrations for given set of initial conditions.


[Product Image]  
        Geometry of a test magnetic lens with computed axial flux density.

        Flux density distribution on the axis and in the part of the magnetic circuit.



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