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ELD package




The ELD package is a suite of programs for the computation of the potential distribution in axially symmetric electrostatic lenses and for the computation of their electron optical properties.

Key Benefits

  • Electrostatic lens can have up to 9 electrodes at different voltage. Computation is done either for fixed potential of the electrodes or for unit potential in turn on each of the electrodes in order to allow the focusing by the lens while changing one of the electrode voltages.
  • Very high accuracy of the axial potential can be obtained because the mesh can have up to 200000 mesh points.
  • Electron optical properties can be obtained for given set of the electrode voltage or by finding a voltage for which given object (real or virtual) is imaged to given image position. Aberration coefficients can be expressed in a number of forms suitable for the user or directly exported into MS EXCEL (.csv) file.

        Symmetrical unipotential lens with thin electrodes - equipotentials.



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