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EMD package




The EMD package is a suite of programs for the computation of the harmonic components of the scalar potential distribution in electrostatic multipoles made by cutting axially symmetric surface parallel to the axis of the axial symmetry and for the computation of the electron optical properties of a magnetic lens with deflectors.

Key Benefits

  • Multipole of the 1st order is the dipole - the basic component of the deflection field.
  • Multipole component up to m=8 can be computed.
  • Very high accuracy of the multipole axial field is obtained even in a small computation mesh.
  • Input data for an electrostatic lens from ELD program can be imported into EMD to calculate the field of an electrostatic lens with deflectors.
  • The electron optical properties are computed for magnetic lens with electrostatic deflection system.
  • Computed results can be used in TRC/TRASYS program to calculate accurate ray paths of particles with arbitrary energy and initial conditions.


    Split electrostatic deflector that can be computed with EMD.



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