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We provide programs for the computation of magnetic and electrostatic lenses (packages MLD and ELD, respectively) and for magnetic and electrostatic deflectors and multipoles (packages MMD and EMD, respectively). Each package consists of graphical user interface, program for the computation of potential by 2D first order Finite Element Method (FOFEM), and a program for the evaluation of electron optical properties of given field based on the evaluation of paraxial properties and aberrations, each with its own interface. The computed fields can be used to calculate ray traces in 3D.  

Magnetic Lens Design (MLD)

A package to compute rotationally symmetric magnetic electron lenses that can be saturated....

Electrostatic Lens Design (ELD)

A package to compute electrostatic electron lenses ....

Magnetic Multipole Design (MMD)

A package to compute magnetic deflectors and multipoles made of saddle or toroidal deflection coils next to rotationally symmetric magnetic circuit ....

Electrostatic Multipole Design (EMD)

A package to compute electrostatic deflectors and multipoles made on cut rotationally symmetric electrodes ....


Ray tracing in numerically computed fields provided by MLD, ELD, MMD and EMD packages ...

SW capabilities

Our software has a number of unique features.



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