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SW capabilities




Key features

  • FEM can use large meshes both to define the geometry of the problem (up to 100x100 coarse mesh lines) and large fine mesh (up to 200000 mesh points). 
  • Graphical user interface allows the user to generate and modify the geometry of the problem. It also automatically generates a fine mesh with smoothly graded mesh step. All data are input on easy-to-understand menus. The interface generates a correct data file for the FEM computation. The outputs of the computation can be displayed with the interface, copied as standard Windows bitmaps or output to HPGL files, that can be easily used to generate documentation.
  • The programs for the computation of electron optical properties, each of them equipped with its own user interface, provide paraxial properties, 1st order chromatic and 3rd order geometrical aberrations.
  • Ray tracing programs solve the 3D equation of motion of charged particles in numerically computed fields. They are general enough to calculate paths of any charged particle and accurate enough to obtain aberrations of arbitrary order.

Specific capabilities

Very fast solution of FEM equations
With our ICCG method we can solve 200000 equations in about a minute on 1 GHz PC. The program itself needs less than 32 MB RAM to do such a computation!
Very high accuracy of FEM results
Optimum potential for each of the problem is selected providing the best accuracy of potential and axial field.
Graphical user interfaces
The user interface relieves the user of typing in a lot of numbers: it is easy to add extra lines, move points or lines or rotate a line, straighten a line connecting two points, specify all inputs like excitations.
Additional graphics
The user can with the help of SGPLOT program display the contours of the lens or deflector (generated by the graphical interface) and the axial field. The interfaces produce outputs in HPGL format, that can be loaded into MS Word®, CorelDraw® or into auxiliary programs like SPLOT®.

The scheme of interlinked programs within the MLD package. The programs in blue are user interfaces running in DOS window, the programs in red are computation programs written in Fortran (32-bit Windows executables), SGPlot is an auxiliary 2D graphics program.



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